Upcoming Releases For the U.S. Mint Production Schedule

So far, in 2021, the United States Mint has had a plethora of releases met with good reactions from collectors and the hobby. However, the items still to come this Spring/Summer are perhaps the best to come as the next few months will prove to be the hottest (literally and figuratively) of the year!

In just a few short days, on May 24th, the Mint will release the first round of the new Morgan 2021 Silver Dollars to come as the first two products will feature the ‘CC’ Privy Mark and ‘O’ Privy Mark on the famed Morgan dollar design. Both produced at Philadelphia, each coin will pay homage to their respective mints as both Carson City and New Orleans are no longer in production. Each will hold a household limit of just 10 and a product limit of 175,000.

Just about a week later on June 1st, the Mint will move forward with round two of the series, releasing the Morgan 2021 Silver Dollar with a ‘D’ Mint Mark and a ‘S’ Mint Mark. Each will be struck at their minting facilities (Denver and San Francisco) and carry a household limit of 10 and a product limit of 175,000. Finally on June 7th, the last round of coins will be released for sale as both the Morgan 2021 Silver Dollar and the Peace 2021 Silver Dollar from Philadelphia can be purchased. The Morgan Silver Dollar will have a household limit of 10 and a product limit of 175,000 while the Peace dollar will have a household limit of 10 and a product limit of 200,000. All the Morgan and Peace 2021 Silver Dollars will be available for purchase on these dates but WILL NOT ship until October.

June 15th will see the release of the first American Innovation $1 Coin featuring the 2021 date. Featured in coin rolls and bags, the Denver and Philadelphia minted dollars will feature New Hampshire. Designed by Christina Hess and sculpted by Engraver Eric David Custer, the New Hampshire design on the reverse depicts Ralph Baer’s brown box game “Handball.” The left side of the coin has the inscriptions “New Hampshire” and “Player 1” while the “IN HOME VIDEO GAME SYSTEM” and “RALPH BAER” are featured around the entire outside of the coin. Baer created the first home video game console and is honored on the coin by paying homage to the Odyssey game while looking similar to an arcade token.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the year begins on July 1st as the BRAND NEW American Silver Eagle reverse will make its debut on the one ounce Proof coin from West Point. While it is not fully known yet when the bullion edition will be released, many believe it will be around the same time. Just a week later on July 8th, the American Eagle 2021 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set will be unveiled with its new reverse design. Also produced at West Point, the coins will be available in a set and also individually as they usually are.

Rounding out the month of July, an interesting two-coin set will be released in the form of an American Eagle 2021 One-Tenth Ounce Gold Proof Set. While details have not been shared from the Mint about the coins, speculation tends to lean towards it featuring the two different reverses in the Type 1 and Type 2. However, that is just speculation at this point.

While we continue on through the year, stay tuned for more updates and product releases as the Mint provides them.

Source: United States Mint