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TCV Preferred Customer Division 1-800-869-0868

The Coin Vault Preferred Customer Division

The Coin Vault's in-house Preferred Customer Division has access to thousands of products we simply do not have time to show you on TV. Each numismatic advisor works directly with the show hosts to bring you the first opportunity at many coins before they go to air. The PCD Coin Acquisition Service gives you access to the full buying power of The Coin Vault in your search for rare coins or to fill those holes in your collection. Each representative is a numismatic expert, passionate about the hobby and understanding what makes The Coin Vault family a 30+ year success story!

Contact us, Monday through Friday 9am - 5:30pm EST 1-800-869-0868 See below for specific numismatic advisor extensions.

Leah Williams PCD Sales Manager

Born and raised in The Coin Vault’s hometown of Winchester, Indiana, Leah has been involved in the numismatic business since the launch of The Coin Vault’s call center in 2012. Currently the Sales Manager for the new on-site Preferred Customer Division, Leah has experience in all facets of the customer service division, including starting out as the Live Show Supervisor before quickly being promoted to the Head of Call Center Operations in 2013. With her accomplished background in numismatics and the moxie to meet this new opportunity head on, Leah looks forward to managing the entire sales team and working towards goals that will ultimately benefit The Coin Vault customer. Her favorite coin is the beautiful Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle.

Sales Manager/Numismatic Advisor
Eric Clear PCD Numismatic Advisor

With a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Devry Institute of Technology in Columbus, Ohio, Eric has 20 years of experience in the automotive industry with Accounts Payable/Receivable Supervisor as his most recent senior position. Interested in coins since he was a kid as a result of his grandmother’s birthday and Christmas gifts from our parent company SilverTowne, Eric maintains a small coin collection that has been passed down to his daughter who also sparked an interest in collecting. In his spare time, Eric has coached girls and boys basketball as well as baseball over the last 10 years for which he attributes his ‘never give up’ mentality that he hopes to translate over to The Coin Vault’s numismatic sales team. His favorite coin is the $10 Indian Head Eagle.

Numismatic Advisor
Brett Carlson PCD Numismatic Advisor

Newly graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Brett has experience reaching from sales, finance, marketing, and risk management. With continued efforts to increase his education, Brett is constantly following the shifts of the financial market as well as researching the wide field that is numismatics. Following in his grandad’s footsteps, Brett has become a coin collector himself with interests in silver dollars. In his spare time, he loves to play golf and competes on the weekends in amateur tournaments. With his competitive nature and the drive to increase his knowledge in the financial and numismatic fields, Brett hopes to carry those attributes over and make an impact as a team member of The Coin Vault’s Preferred Customer Division. His favorite coins are Morgan Silver Dollars, more specifically the 1889-CC Morgan Dollar.

Numismatic Advisor
Brett Carlson PCD Numismatic Advisor

Having worked in the customer service field for nearly 10 years, Codey first sparked an interest in coins when he and his siblings received part of his grandfather’s collection that he passed down. Since then, his interest in finding out the history behind coins and their impact has grown exponentially as he believes that every coin has a story to tell. In addition to increasing his own knowledge in the numismatic field while educating his customers, Codey hopes to help every person he interacts with acquire a collection to be proud of piece by piece as a committed member of the sales team. His favorite coins are the Morgan Silver Dollars.

Numismatic Advisor
Dane Blumenstock PCD Numismatic Advisor

Born and raised in a small town bridging Indiana and Ohio, Dane has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Coaching from Wilmington College in Ohio. Growing up on his family’s farm, he first became interested in coins when his family found wheat pennies and silver pieces under the floorboard of an old farmhouse they purchased when he was young. Since then, his passion for finding “treasure” took off and landed him at the doorstep of The Coin Vault as a dedicated member of the Preferred Customer Division. With his love of coins, Dane hopes to bring his passion for finding treasures to those numismatic collectors who need a compass to help them find theirs. His favorite coin is the Morgan Silver Dollar.

Dane Blumenstock
Numismatic Advisor
Andie James PCD Numismatic Advisor

Born and raised in Indiana, Andie has over 20-years of management experience focused on customer relationships within the medical and behavioral health fields. In her spare time, she enjoys walking, attending church, watching movies, spending time with her family, and is happiest when on a beach reading. Andie first sparked an interest in coins when her father purchased a coin for each of her daughters after they were born. She is excited to continue learning the ins and outs of the numismatic field while helping customers make educated decisions as part of the Preferred Customer Division at The Coin Vault. Her favorite coin is the Rhodium-Plated Silver Maple Leaf and as of late, she has started a collection of Morgan Silver Dollars for her daughters.

Andie James
Numismatic Advisor
Dorrey McCoy PCD Numismatic Advisor

Having worked for The Coin Vault’s parent company, SilverTowne, for 15 years, Dorrey brings a ton of experience to her new role as a Preferred Customer Division representative. From starting in shipping to working with customers on buying and selling in our retail space to over-the-phone customer service, her dedication not only to the company but to her customers is what has driven her nearly two decades long stint in numismatics. She looks forward to working with customers in a new way and helping them achieve their collecting goals while continuing to learn more and more about the business. Her favorite coins are the American Gold Eagles and the American Silver Eagles.

Dorrey McCoy
Numismatic Advisor