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TCV Roundtable Blog

The Coin Vault Roundtable Blog

The Coin Vault Meet the Rep Series: Codey L.

In this day and age, there is a certain level of noise. We do not necessarily mean volume-wise, rather outside influence, chatter, distraction. We mean talk first, listen later, and the latter is never guaranteed. Noise. It happens in every facet of this unique world that we live in and it certainly remains true in the numismatic hobby. That’s why it sometimes takes someone not well-versed in the ins and outs of the business to cut through all that outside noise and just listen. We like to think that is one of our biggest secrets here at The Coin Vault, and more specifically, with the Preferred Customer Division. Representatives like Codey are more than equipped to handle all that comes with the noise and mitigate its influence when dealing with customers who are just looking to be heard.

“I’m not a salesman and I never have been,” Codey said. “I just listen to customers and take notice when they talk about not just their experience in coin collecting, but also in their personal lives.”

As Codey does not naturally come from a coin collecting or numismatic background, he has started collecting himself and feels more