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100 Greatest Women On Coins Series: Florence Nightingale

It seems to be a pattern of the past, and also the current norm, that women succeed the most when bucking societal traditions and carving a path of most resistance. Women have spent a lifetime having their life already planned out for them from the time they are born. However, paths are meant to be taken differently for everyone, and that is especially true of our next entry in the 100 Greatest Women On Coins series. With help from author Ron Guth, we take a closer look at this top 20 pick in Whitman Publishing’s compilation.

#17 - Florence Nightingale

Born in May 1820 in Florence, Italy, Florence belonged to a wealthy family that moved back to England after her birth. She was homeschooled by her father and took particularly well to mathematics. As she grew older, her family had expectations that she would take form through nursing.

She persisted through her family’s objections and ended up travelling with a team more