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Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-midnight ET

Dish Channel 225
DirecTV Channel 227
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Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-midnight ET

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Spectrum Markets and Channels
Albany, NY 488
Austin, TX 488
Waco, TX 99 & 488
Bakersfield, CA 257
Birmingham, AL 282
Buffalo, NY 488
Charlotte, NC 488
Raleigh, NC 488
Greensboro, NC 488
Indianapolis, IN 282
Kansas City, MO 488
East Northern Manhattan 79
East Southern Manhattan 79
Lincoln, NE 488
Los Angeles, CA 488
Columbus, OH 195
Lancaster, OH 194
Omaha, NE 486
Augusta/Bangor, ME 488
New York, NY 488
Dallas, TX 488
Cleveland/Akron/Canton, OH 187
Oakland Co, Livonia, MI 196
East New Jersey 1310
Morehead, KY 20
East Brooklyn/Queens 96
Orlando, FL 190
Rochester, NY 488
San Antonio, TX 488
San Diego & Desert Cities 488
Columbia, SC 89 & 488
Cincinnati/Dayton, OH 195
Syracuse, NY 488
Tampa, FL 190
Green Bay, WI 195
Milwaukee, WI 195
Mt. Sterling, KY 56
Richmond, KY 57

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Mon, Tues, Thurs
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TCV Vault Finds

9pm ET

Our most popular
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TCV Vault Finds Extra

9pm ET

One off numismatic
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TCV Vault Finds Value

9pm ET

One off numismatic
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10 in 10 at 10 Deals

Mon, Tues, Thurs 10pm ET

Ten items with limited availability presented in ten minutes
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